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Welcome to the API level of

With the REST-API, you can read our data automatically and integrate it into your own applications.



The use of the API is chargeable and requires a usage contract.

API subscriptions are available on the following levels:

  • All countries covered on
  • 1, or several countries
  • 1, or several Swiss cantons
  • 1, or several municipalities / cities

To the offer request


Requests and responses

The API accepts only GET and POST requests.

The response is a JSON encoded array, or the format defined in the request.




For security reasons, API access is only possible directly or from a back-end. Access via front-ends is not permitted.


The API should only be called via https://. For security reasons, you should also protect your application, your interface with SSL against unwanted readings.


The identification / authentication to the API is carried out by API key. Your API key can be found on your usage agreement, or bill.



All collected data on are available (according to actual situation)

Holidays and school holidays are referred to as calendar events in the API.

Languages: German, French, Italian, English



Supported formats are: JSON, XML and CSV



1) First, check the API function to make sure your API key is working properly.

2) Use the ISO API to query the geographic tree of the region you are interested in.

3) In the answer you will find the available regions, places with their Geo-ID or City-ID.

4) Now query the calendar events with the appropriate API: GeoId or CityId


For Switzerland, separate APIs are available for the search by canton , postal code or FSO municipal number.



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