Second Advent

Public day of rest (Sunday)

Where does this holiday apply?


Location Type Country Class
Andorra Country AD no holiday
Austria Country AT 5
Belgium Country BE 5
Bosnia and Herzegovina Country BA no holiday
Bulgaria Country BG no holiday
Croatia Country HR 5
Cyprus Country CY no holiday
Czech Republic Country CZ 5
Denmark Country DK 5
Estonia Country EE 5
Finland Country FI 5
France Country FR 5
Germany Country DE 5
Greece Country GR no holiday
Hungary Country HU 5
Iceland Country IS no holiday
Ireland Country IE 5
Israel Country IL no holiday
Italy Country IT 5
Latvia Country LV 5
Liechtenstein Country LI 5
Lithuania Country LT 5
Luxembourg Country LU 5
Malta Country MT 5
Moldova Country MD no holiday
Monaco Country MC 5
Netherlands Country NL 5
Norway Country NO 5
Poland Country PL 5
Portugal Country PT 5
Romania Country RO 5
Russia Country RU no holiday
Serbia Country RS no holiday
Slovakia Country SK 5
Slovenia Country SI 5
Spain Country ES 5
Sweden Country SE 5
Switzerland Country CH 5
Türkiye Country TR no holiday
Ukraine Country UA no holiday
United Kingdom Country GB 5
United States Country US no holiday
official holiday
official holiday
official holiday (business, schools, administrations usually open)
Event day