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Archive - School holidays 2009

The school holidays are not uniformly regulated and are therefore not shown here, or only partially. Please choose a place.


Start Day End Day Designation
20.12.2008Sato04.01.2009 SuChristmas holidaysA, B + C
07.02.2009Sato22.02.2009 SuWinter holidaysA
14.02.2009Sato01.03.2009 SuWinter holidaysC
21.02.2009Sato08.03.2009 SuWinter holidaysB
04.04.2009Sato19.04.2009 SuSpring time holidaysA
11.04.2009Sato26.04.2009 SuSpring time holidaysC
18.04.2009Sato03.05.2009 SuSpring time holidaysB
02.07.2009Thto01.09.2009 TuSummer holidaysA, B + C
24.10.2009Sato04.11.2009 WeAll Saints' DayA, B + C
19.12.2009Sato03.01.2010 SuChristmas holidaysA, B + C

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