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Wednesday, December 25 2019, (week 52)

Where does this holiday apply?

Location Type Class
Andorra Country1
Belgium Country1
Bosnia and Herzegovina Countryvaries
Bosnia and Herzegovina Federationvaries
Bosnia: islamic Religionno holiday
Bosnia: orthodox Religionno holiday
Bosnia: Roman Catholic Religion1
Srpska Republicvaries
Srpska: islamic Religionno holiday
Srpska: orthodox Religionno holiday
Srpska: Roman Catholic Religion1
Bulgaria Country1
Denmark Country1
Germany Country1
Estonia Country1
Finland Country1
France Country1
Greece Country1
United Kingdom Country1
Ireland Country1
Iceland Country1
Israel Countryno holiday
Italy Country1
Croatia Country1
Latvia Country1
Liechtenstein Country1
Lithuania Country1
Luxembourg Country1
Malta Country1
Moldova Countryno holiday
Monaco Country1
Netherlands Country1
Norway Country1
Austria Country1
Poland Country1
Portugal Country1
Romania Country1
Russia Countryno holiday
Sweden Country1
Switzerland Country2
Serbia Countryno holiday
Slovakia Country1
Slovenia Country1
Spain Country1
Czech Republic Country1
Ukraine Country1
Hungary Country1
United States Country1
Cyprus Countryvaries
Cyprus: Armenians, Catholics and Protestants Religion1
Cyprus: Greek Orthodox Religion1
Cyprus: Turkish Religious Religionno holiday


official holiday
is a special Sunday
legally not recognized holiday
Event day

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