Targeted reading of holidays and school holidays

Strengthen your business profile

With our holiday and school vacation data, you can optimize your daily business routine for running processes, evaluations and forecasts easily and sustainably. The data is constantly researched, updated and checked.

Versatile interfaces

Do you need annual lists, the day status of a date, or percentages for holidays and school holidays at the state level? For all requirements, a flexible API is available, which provides you with the information you need.

With the fcal.ch REST API you can integrate our data into your own applications.



The use is chargeable and requires a user agreement.
You will receive a password (API-Key) with which you can read the required data.

Request and reply

The easiest way to retrieve data: Open the URL of the desired interface with your browser. You will receive the data back in the desired form. Of course, you can also access the interfaces automatically from a server in your back-end. For security reasons, API access is only possible directly via a browser or from a back-end. Access via front-ends (websites and apps) is not permitted.

Die Antwort erfolgt wahlweise im JSON, XML oder CSV-Format.


All access is via SSL-encrypted pages.

The identification / authentication to the API is done via API-Key. You will find your API-Key on your user agreement or invoice.


All data recorded on Feiertagskalender.ch are available according to the current situation.


German, French, Italian, English


Errors excepted. No guarantee for the correctness of the data.


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Request an offer



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