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A copyright for public holidays?ID 34

Public holidays are a "public good". We have no copyright on the individual public holidays. However, the data collection has been compiled and maintained over many years and is therefore protected by copyright. It is therefore not permitted to copy lists and data from without being asked and incorporate them into your application or publish them on your website.

If you would like to use information from, please contact us. We will draw up a simple user agreement and everyone will be happy.

Thank you for your understanding.

Do you also have an app? ID 52

We once had an Android app. However, as we have been making our iCal calendars available free of charge for private use for some time now, we have discontinued further development of the app. Some calendar apps work with our data.

How can I link to 3 can be called up with various parameters. Links to the portal should look like this:

When called up in this way, the country selection and a list of all public holidays for the current year are displayed.

Set the language to English:
You can use the hl= parameter to select the language

Links to a specific year
Parameter: jahr=YYYY
You can use the jahr= parameter to select a specific year. If the parameter is missing, the current year is always displayed.

Links to a specific region
Parameter: geo=ID
The geo= parameter can be used to link to a specific region. If the geo parameter is missing, Feiertagskalender displays the country selection.

Further options for linking are:

Select type of holiday
Parameter: klasse=5 (= default)
Shows all public holidays in the database

Parameter: klasse=4
only shows legally recognised and non-recognised public holidays

Parameter: klasse=3
shows only the legally recognised public holidays

Combination examples
If you use several parameters, the first one must be connected with a question mark ? and all others with an "and" sign &.


The legally recognised public holidays 2007 in the municipality of Lauterbrunnen:

All public holidays of the city of Augsburg for the year 2028:

List of public and non-recognised holidays for Austria in 2026:

How can I support the project?ID 76

You can

  • link on your social media pages and/or mention us in a post or comment
  • recommend to your friends and colleagues when the opportunity arises
  • suggest integrating our data into applications that use calendar functions and do not display exact public holidays.

and if you are a journalist

  • write an article about
  • publish a link to

If you develop software

  • Integrate our data into your project

Some public holidays may not apply throughout the area?ID 32

Public holidays that only apply regionally or locally are marked with a percentage at the higher level. This also always means that you can set even more precisely geographically. always lists all public holidays that apply anywhere in the currently selected region. By clicking on a public holiday, you can see where it actually applies and what significance it has where.

What does "Christian holiday" mean?ID 4

The indication "Christian public holiday" means that a public holiday has a church background. Christian public holidays are not necessarily non-working days!

Why is Easter missing from the legally recognised public holidays?ID 18

As some public holidays always fall on a Sunday and every Sunday is a "public holiday and day of rest" anyway, days such as Easter Sunday and Whit Sunday are not recognised as public holidays in Switzerland. To ensure that these important days are still listed and exported, you can change the calendar to "Statutory + non-recognised public holidays".

Why is holiday X missing?ID 5

If you cannot find a public holiday using the search function or in the "Public holidays from A to Z" list, it is possible that this public holiday has not yet been recorded by us.
In this case, please let us know so that we can rectify the problem. It is our declared aim to reflect reality as accurately as possible.

Why is the country ... missing?ID 2

In the medium term, there are plans to include more countries in the calendar. Public holiday regulations are not as clearly defined everywhere as in Western Europe. In the Balkans, for example, religious holidays play a major role and the lists of public holidays vary considerably depending on the religious denomination. As a result, almost all public holidays only apply to part of the population and the more religions are represented in a country, the more confusing the situation becomes. In Arabia and Asia, we as a small team reach the limits of our language skills and are unable to check the reliability of the data ourselves. We would rather not depict a country than publish incorrect information.

We therefore ask for your understanding if a country is not represented. We are grateful for any comments and suggestions.


iCal subscriptions via the Proton calendarID 77

Proton is a Swiss VPN and calendar provider whose services are configured so that all queries are made via the same IP addresses. As a result, data retrieval via the Proton network significantly exceeds the limits of our free iCal subscriptions on a daily basis. As the organisation rejected our offer of cooperation, we unfortunately had to block iCal subscriptions via the Proton networks.

We regret this outcome, but ask for your understanding that we have to finance our services ourselves and do not receive any subsidies from the state or the EU.

If you would like to use our iCal calendars via the Proton calendar, please contact Proton customer service.

Public holidays in general

Catholic and religiously mixed cantons (Switzerland)ID 45

  • Catholic cantons:
    AI, FR, JU, LU, NW, OW, SG, SZ, TI, VS, ZG, UR
  • German-speaking, religiously mixed cantons:
    AG, AR, BE, BL, BS, GL, GR, SH, SO, TG, ZH
  • French-speaking, religiously mixed cantons:
    GE, NE, VD

Source: BADAC

Corpus Christi in Saxony (DE)ID 37

Verordnung des Sächsischen Staatsministeriums des Inneren über den regionalen Feiertag Fronleichnam (Fronleichnams VO).
Vom 4. Mai 1993, rechtsbereinigt mit Stand vom 10. Juni 1995
Aufgrund von § 1 Abs. 1 des Gesetzes über Sonn- und Feiertage im Freistaat Sachsen (SächsSFG) vom 10. November 1992 (SächsGVB1. S. 536) wird verordnet:

§ 1
In den in der Anlage ausgeführten Gemeinden der Landkreise Bautzen, Hoyerswerda und Kamenz ist Fronleichnam ein gesetzlicher Feiertag. Dies gilt, wenn die aufgeführten Gemeinden nach einer Neugliederung als Gemeindeteil fortbestehen, nur für diesen Gemeindeteil.

§ 2
Diese Verordnung tritt am Tage nach ihrer Verkündung in Kraft.

Dresden, den 4. Mai 1993

Der Staatsminister des Innern
Heinz Eggert


Gemeinden im Landkreis Bautzen

Gemeinden im Landkreis Hoyerswerda
Gemeinden im Landkreis Kamenz

Switzerland: The federal government publishes different public holidays than What applies now?ID 70

The Federal Department of Justice and Police FDJP publishes a document entitled "Public holidays and days that are treated as public holidays in Switzerland" (kant-feiertage.pdf), which is unfortunately interpreted by many as a valid list of public holidays.

According to the FDJP, the list in question is not a general list of public holidays, but the list that regulates the calculation of deadlines in the area of civil, commercial and administrative law. The list is based on information provided by the cantons and has been notified to the Council of Europe accordingly.

The published list is therefore not a list of public holidays that are relevant in labour law, for example.

More specifically:
The Council of Europe requires Switzerland to publish a list of public holidays for the purpose of calculating deadlines. In Switzerland, however, there are also religiously mixed cantons and cantons that allow local public holidays. Therefore, this list is not a detailed picture of Swiss public holidays, but a kind of distillation: a simplified representation of the situation and the definition for dealing with legal deadlines.

Switzerland: Wage payments on public holidays?ID 1

Switzerland: The payment of wages for working hours lost on public holidays is a matter of civil law and as such is not subject to cantonal legislation. The federal legislator responsible for civil law has refrained from prescribing a statutory obligation to pay wages for public holidays. The payment of wages must therefore be regulated by contractual agreement if necessary.
Source: SECO

Switzerland: Why is St Stephen's Day partly a working day?ID 30

In the cantons of Uri and Appenzell, St. Stephen's Day (26 December) is a working day if it falls on a Tuesday or Saturday.

In the canton of Neuchâtel, St Stephen's Day is only a public holiday if it falls on a Monday.

Why? What is the background and when was this regulation introduced?

These regulations date back to the 1950s and are generally not applied in practice as almost nobody is aware of them. In other words, many offices and shops are closed anyway.

Valentine's Day is no holiday. Why is it listed?ID 59

By default, our calendar displays events and public holidays. This also includes days that many people forget, such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or St Nicholas' Day. However, you can change the view: In the "Statutory + non-recognised public holidays" selection, the calendar displays all relevant public holidays. This also includes public holidays that always fall on a Sunday and are therefore not recognised as public holidays in some countries (because every Sunday is a day of rest anyway). The "Legally recognized holidays" view should then be self-explanatory.

What does event day mean?ID 49

By an event day, we mean a working day or Sunday on which something special takes place. Good examples are Mother's Day, market days or Valentine's Day.

When is the legal closing time before a public holiday?ID 28

To our knowledge, there is no statutory closing time before public holidays. Working hours are an agreement between the contracting parties and are regulated in the employment contract.
Most companies based in Switzerland reduce working hours by one or two hours before a legally recognised public holiday.

Why is Berchtold's Day a public holiday in Neuchâtel if it falls on a Monday?ID 33

In the canton of Neuchâtel, Bertchold's Day is only a public holiday if it falls on a Monday.
This regulation dates back to the 1950s and is not usually applied in practice, as almost nobody is aware of it. In other words, many offices and shops are closed anyway.

School holidays

Do the summer holidays in the canton of Aargau only last 3 weeks?ID 51

No, but the canton only specifies three weeks and the municipalities can add the remaining weeks as they wish.
Because the summer holidays are not standardised at cantonal level, we cannot show them at cantonal level.
Please simply select the desired municipality to see its correct holidays.

Information for schools and municipalitiesID 36

You can make our work easier if you always publish your holiday dates at least 2 years in advance (preferably 5 years). Please bear in mind that, for example, calendar print products are already edited in the previous summer, or parents planning a trip would often be happy to receive the data for the year after next.

If you are responsible for the school holiday calendar in your school or municipality and publish new data, or if you notice a discrepancy between your data and, please contact us.

Notes for your school website with holiday data:

  • Most people are looking for a "holiday calendar", or "holiday schedule" (and not a school schedule, school calendar or similar insider terms). Use simple, clear terms such as school holidays or holiday calendar, holiday plan.
  • You make life easier for your users and for us if your holiday lists are
    • can be accessed online (research and verification of data)
    • are always accessible via the same address (URL).
  • Do not post Word or Excel documents on the Internet, as not all interested parties have the necessary software to view such documents; if you want to offer the holiday list as a document, PDF documents are much more useful.
  • Publish the first and last day of the holidays. Lists that show the last and first day of school are confusing and often lead to errors when transferring data.

What can I contribute?ID 25

Thank you very much for your interest!

Recording the school holidays for 4100 regions/municipalities is a time-consuming task. We are grateful for any help. If you know the holiday dates of a municipality or country that we have not yet recorded, please let us know.
Please also let us know if your municipality has published new data that we are still missing. Our aim is to always be up to date.
We are also particularly pleased to receive holiday plans (or links) directly from municipalities and schools.

What does the abbreviation SCHILF / SCHILWE mean?ID 43

SCHILWE means: compulsory in-service teacher training:
SCHILF means: compulsory internal teacher training programme
A day off for the pupils.

Why are the sports holidays in the canton ... completely?ID 50

As the sports holidays are not standardised at cantonal level, we are unable to display them at cantonal level.
Please select the desired municipality to see its sports holidays.

Your question is not answered yet?

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