Integrate the data from into your own services and products with our REST API.

The fcal.chAPI is available for a fee and can be accessed with an API key. The APIs are interfaces that allow other computer programs to specifically read holiday and school holiday data in standardised formats from our servers. This opens up new possibilities for developers: With the high-quality data from, you can now optimise any date-based project.

Optimise your everyday business

For planning, ongoing processes, evaluations and forecasts, simple and sustainable.

Versatile interfaces

Whether annual lists, daily status, or percentage values at country level. A flexible API is available for all requirements.

Requests and answers

Manually: open the URL of the desired interface with your browser. You will receive the data back in the desired form.
Automatically: from a server in your back-end.

The response is optionally in JSON, XML or CSV format.


All access runs via SSL-encrypted pages.

The identification / authentication to the API is done by means of an API key. You will find your API key on your user agreement or invoice.


All data recorded on are available according to the ACTUAL situation. You can find an overview here.


German, French, Italian, English


All interfaces

All interfaces

Request an offer

Request an offer


Errors excepted. No guarantee for the correctness of the data.

API? Don't panic!

We often find that some customers have a great respect for the term API. It's often complicated one and has no time to spend hours reading up on it. We would like to tell them: our APIs are nothing to be afraid of.

They are designed in such a way that you can generate JSON or CSV files directly with a simple browser call.
Or import our data directly with MS Excel® using the "data from the web" function.

The great advantage of the APIs is that they allow you to control the exports yourself: the language, which holidays to include, the date format, etc. And you can retrieve the updated data at any time, because they do undergo changes.

We are also at your disposal to define the right API settings for your needs. So please, "Don't panic!"
You will like our APIs.


We are proud of the international recognition of our efforts:

Winner: Global Business Award 2023
Winner: Global Business Award 2023
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