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Archive - School holidays 2006

The Ministry of Education determines only the start date of summer vacation (always the last Saturday in June).
Individual schools determine their own holiday.
The summer holidays usually last until the beginning of August.
Autumn holidays are usually a week 42, the winter holidays in the week 7 or 8.

Start Day End Day Designation
21.12.2005Weto02.01.2006 MoChristmas holidays
11.02.2006Sato19.02.2006 SuWinter holidays
08.04.2006Sato17.04.2006 MoSpring time holidays
25.06.2006Suto13.08.2006 SuSummer holidays
14.10.2006Sato22.10.2006 SuAutumn holidays
21.12.2006Thto03.01.2007 WeChristmas holidays

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