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Archive - School holidays 2017

School holidays calendar of Israel sought. Who knows a link? Please help us to complete the calendar.

Start Day End Day Designation
11.02.2017SaTu BiShvat
12.03.2017Suto13.03.2017 MoPurim
10.04.2017Moto17.04.2017 MoPessach
24.04.2017MoYom HaShoa
01.05.2017MoYom HaSikaron
14.05.2017SuLag BaOmer
30.05.2017Tuto01.06.2017 ThShavuoth
30.06.2017Frto31.08.2017 ThSummer holidays
20.09.2017Weto22.09.2017 FrRosH HaShana
29.09.2017Frto30.09.2017 SaYom Kippur
04.10.2017Weto11.10.2017 WeSukkoth
12.12.2017Tuto20.12.2017 WeChanukka
25.12.2017Moto26.12.2017 TuChristmas holidays

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